Fixed: bug with stats on some equipment and charms

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  1. Ata loves it may be a decent time to roll out the plan for gifting. it may soften the blow of the furnishing market issues...
  2. Everybody who has had 1 of these broken charms in their showcase at any point in time from the time you released charms and trading up until you fixed it has been affected why are you only compensating people who currently have a charm in their showcase?
  3. I’m afk for the rest of the evening and I won’t be able to respond to anything else until tomorrow evening at the earliest. Thanks for your patience everyone and sorry this happened.
  4. why i cant get that Underplane Manticore lol
  5. I would also like to apologize for not escalating this issue further. Mad kudos to Biyamiti's for his very detailed post that helped immensely in identifying the issue.
  6. Are you going to be fixing the loading issue on iPhone so it doesn’t take 5 minutes to load each time you open the app?

    Is this a widespread problem? Or just me?
  7. Alright now that that problem is fixed how about bringing back seasonal wars and getting more participation in ee?
  8. Thank you for fixing the issue.
  9. Thanks for fixing the problem finally. And thanks for giving us roughly $200 American for our trouble. Well done ATA. You have started to regain my respect. Keep it up.
  10. Does this mean charms and rewards both work now and if so can you please settle the damn debate about whether or not the price of rewards being 3xcs reflects their value.? I'm glad you're communicating loads of ppl will b angry one way or the other but we need to know definitively. Multiple people run tests and I'm sure they're trying to shed light and thanks, but there's to much conflicting info
  11. Where are my Xstals and pet lion thing?
  12. Guys its fixed so stop moaning. All this hate just stop playing the game if you dont like it .

    I would just like to say thanks for my 100 xstals
  13. .

    I would just like to say thanks for my 100 xstals[/quote]
  14. I dont see my compensate 1 pet and 100 xtal plz. It has not arrive on me yet. Plz check thru.

  15. If you have rebooted the game and you still don’t have any compensation then your account was not affected. Player which were affected are compensated!
  16. Thank you for listening and explaining it here. You have my gratitude.
  17. So wait the devs read my thread about the people vs the mods

  18. Devs read everything. Just cant always react.
  19. Nice furnishings mark
  20. Lol, I love the few people moaning like "But I traded my charms for rewards! If you fix charms what about me?!?!"

    You guys tried to play the market and rip other players off based on what you knew worked and they might not have known didn't work. Why should you be compensated for that at all?