Fixed: bug with stats on some equipment and charms

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  1. I'm on it.
  2. We’re the effected equipment the equipment under the “charms”tab ?
  3. Ty for addressing and fixing the issue
  4. Props to you mark. Unlike the others you’ve spoke to us. Please consider adding more banner events so we can have more of a diversity... such as the moth hunt event and the rimeland (wrong spelling?) event.
  5. I honestly don’t know who’s in the kaw team other the mark, jean and caster.
  6. Excited to have some fresh eyes on KaW!! Looking forward to the content you bring forward :)
  7. There were several pieces of equipment and charms that were affected, but it's not really a clear distinction like that. Because it stemmed from a workflow error the issue manifested in kind of a weird way.

    I'm here too. : ) And I just want to say that we do hear you guys. We read forums, we read feedback passed on to us by the support team, as well as moderators. Unfortunately we really are stretched thin at the moment though as Mark mentioned, so we're working really hard just to keep up with everything. I very much believe in the importance of communication though and it's something we want to improve! And once we do have more designers join the team, there will also be more time for us to do so.
  8. "The designer no longer works here"

  9. Hi Jean, do you think there’s a possibility of having more banner events with stats? And do you think it’s possible for kaw to have a design remake?
  10. But it was a simple thing to fix. It was just a minor hiccup in the workflow and they fixed it. The reason it took so long was because other designers ignored it or said it wasn’t a problem.
  11. I'm confused.....what exactly was the issue and what had been fixed?
  12. Also, can you post on here when you release the comp?
  13. Stats from some items/equips/charms weren't working properly in some cases.
  14. haha the mods mentioned the moth event too. The funny thing is that I remember creating the moth event when I first started working here. Things come full circle sometimes I guess. Right now we're really focused on keeping things simple while Jean and I get a handle on everything and we can ramp up some new folks. I wish it were going faster but it's one of those problems that takes time.
  15. There have been some of us that knew of this and sent feedback like me and have traded entire showcases for rewards to stay relevant in indi. Will mostly people with large numbers of charms be compensated or will people with large numbers of rewards also get some benefit?
  16. @new devs-We know your stretched thin and that kaw is not ata's priorty app currently. Still, youve interacted more with us directly today than in the last year. Keep up the communication, and I think the community will keep an open mind.
  17. Comp script should be rolling out now. Same comp for everyone. It will take time to roll out though as it affected a lot of folks. Please give it time.
  18. Vote biyamita become knight, cos of his post, devs pay more attention....go biya gooooo
  19. Thanks to Biya for his sleuthing and forum post demonstrating the problem— Thanks to Jean and all that corrected it- Biya deserves valiant knight for his efforts.
  20. Oh hi Mark. 