Fix to kaw

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  1. Foxy, people might respect you if you didnt constantly make up lies about everything, rage, accuse people and abuse people.
    Oh, and yes, adding 200000 filters to selfies is weird. Very weird.
  2. Its not weird its a decision.
  3. Why cant a decision be weird? Your arguments really give stupidity a new meaning.
  4. This entire thread is stupid. Way to derail your own thread, OP. In b4 lock 
  5. Was not me. only replying
  6. Replies can be derailing as yours have been. You’ve been going back and forth, completely off-topic, with foxy.
  7. Indeed. My point is that I was not the one derailing, thus the blame is not to be placed on me.
  8. Reply or not, this is a clear violation of ToU. 
  9. Oh? Which part of it, exactly?
  10. The entire thing, it’s completely off-topic.

  11. Rip the pics still not proof im still a liar? Haha or its just slap to your face assuming and judging me that to think u didnt even know me in real life, u just butthurt coz u was stripped by me 100T aNd pretend lose nothing


    A big

    Clown of kaw..
  12. Didnt finish that, its a decision by her if she wants to. 90% of people using social media use many filters u gonna call like 2b peoole weird? Calling someone weird for using filters show that you have no sense and i bet your still single at ur big age of 35 or something.
  13. Yeah.. I really couldnt care less about losing my 300b or whatever you mamaged to take..
  14. Foxy so triggered she's posting her 20000 filter fake pictures lmao
  15. 20000?how may hours u staring at my pic to look that 20000 filter ded, almost all using filters, for your info im not filtering much lol
  16. You literally just posted 4 pics cluttered with filters yesterday..
  17. So wHat,its mine u dont care, ur nonsense zzz
  18. "For your info im not filtering much" you clearly are.

  19. Dont worry ill share to you the apps if u are jealous about it, but i bet even filter ur pics no chance...
  20. Back on topic this game is crying out for ee seasons please devs listen