Fix to kaw

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  1. Her grammar skills have definitely taken a hit. :lol:
  2. Great thread bud support everything :)
  3. And this thread the most suck i ever saw, garbage of kaw
  4. -the op is inactive
    -pretend dead in osw
    -not even warring
    -so demanding player in kaw forum
    - the most big mouth i ever saw but no single hit
    - love to trash talk because loner guy
    -seeking attention

    The thread is so irrelevant
  5. So OP is just suggesting we go back to pwar days.

    No ebs.
    No clans.
    No legends.

    Good ole fashioned hitting just to hit. Somethng this game has lost deeply.
  6. Literally will never happen, it will decrease the source of income considerably so the devs are looking at this thread and laughing it while eating their lovely BLT sandwich
  7. Meh, im okay with ebs. Pwars werent much better. Remove nk/hte/zta though, and equipment and event rewards from ebs
  8. Very true.
  9. I havent been in osw for like a year.. wdym pretend dead
    Ive got ee so im clearly warring
    No idea what so demanding player even means.
    Ur not in my hit range and i dont really play kaw outside of ee.
    I love to trash talk because you are an easy target
    Seeking attention? Not as much as a fake nurse posting selfies with 200 overlays.
  10. Damn this got deep quickly, allow that dont bring rl into the game

    Demanding means u mentioned all this stuff on the thread which will not benefit devs at all.
  11. You're telling that to me? Lol.
    Also thats not what demanding means. Google it buddy.
  12. Fake nurse? Do u know me in rl?stop assuming, u dont even know me,i graduated as nurse and i dont need to prove it you, duh if im dreaming to be nurse why not be a doctor, lmao u are so pathetic guy, i dont need toprove anything to u ,if i filter atleast imnot catfish lol, stop seeking my attention tyvm,i dunno why being as a nurse is a big deal to u,like duh?
  13. Most nurses don't have enough time to sleep.. Let alone do 5 wars a day for months on the end.
    Nice try tho Foxy.
    Did you print your Nurse certificate off the internet? Lol. You claim to be a lot of things. Yet for all your talk you cannot even pin me. Lol.

    Anyone else notice Foxy's rage and grammar skills are directly proportional?
    More the rage, worse the grammar. :lol:
  14. Dont be butthurt ,

  15. IMG][/IMG

    Clown are u serious?
  17. Oh yeah im not nurse,, slap slap
  18. You are requesting to pin u?u dont even hitback, i feel like hitting dead account but active in chat duh
  19. I will stop giving u attention now such a waste of time to aloner guy like u

    better talk with my newsfeed coward
  20. You say you want to get rid of the moderator system so I support