Fix to kaw

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  1. Using ur own account to talk smack to someone on ur
  2. Reminder: you may not make public accusations of other players of cheating/account sharing. Please adhere to the terms of use. Please stay on topic.
  3. Thank you sir
  4. Yes I have proof and u know it to yourself

  5. It's not accusation it's the thruth but okay I will follow u
  6. Please present your evidence in a clear and proper manner, and then file a report to ATA. The forums is not the place to accuse others.
  7. Darn.. U got me
  9. I smell butthurt , foxy stalker
  10. You sound like an idiot. Lol. Don't lap up everything Foxy says. She's the same person who claimed to be a nurse who does 5 wars a day, a restaurant owner and finally a domestic help lol. Also, Batman on the weekends.

    Most ignore the drivel from her mouth. First she calls me Chax.. Then she called me Demon.. Who next? Lol.
    She's just looking for excuses not to hit me. Her way of not hitting anyone is calling them alts and then accusing them of being other ppl. She's so used to EBs she thinks she can avoid PvP by calling ppl alts. Lol.

    Come at me fools.
    A lot of players can't stand you and your ways Foxy. Doesn't make us all the same player.
    How about you go back to your lousy singing and posting pictures with 10x filters?
  11. You forgot the Reset option. Reset bombs and farming someone to reset and land complete reset achievements.
  12. Dude no just no.... Why would you remove my friend? That's just not cool at all
  13. You basically want to reset the game to where you thought it was great, ~5 years ago. You list things to change. No ideas/direction to go with the changes.

    We have lists to discuss, not ideas. You offer nothing of worth to discuss, no reasoning, no new outlooks. It’s just an empty list.

    Edit* you offer one vague opinion about cooperative eb’s

  14. 

  15. Yep, added
  16. To the glory days of kaw, yes.
  17. U are definetely xxd3monxx and friend of chax,your stats big but
    Full of air just one poke, it will burst, dont be proud of your one unload, is that what you called incs? I dont need to prove anything to u,u are just just a pest in kaw and you are nothing to me, you dont pay my bills, iam what iam and stop stalking , how bout improve your life?this is a war game not showbiz talk with your big mouth who cant even hit me, i bet u are ugly loner guy in just one corner holding your keyboard and thinking why no one chatting on u, so what if im owner?i have money im not poor like ur big mouth
  18. That might be the dumbest comment i have ever heard foxy