Fix to kaw

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  1. Things to remove:
    Op equipment (basically all new ones)
    All eb based equipment
    Skylands, deepmine, abyss
    Reset ally market
    The moderator system
    Hte, ZTA, NK

    Things to revive:
    EE seasons
    Indi war
    System wars

    Things to add
    More challenging epic battles that require teamwork to defeat, not just hit and go off for an hour.
    New types of war.
    Anti-bot software
    More war equipment
    More types of buildings
    Reset system
  2. Nice details op
  3. Uhhhhh about all that
  4. You forgot to add Foxy to the list. :lol:
    Plis edit.
  5. Soo mods and devs will just allow these same threads be made and not locked for crap effort.
    Mine which strike up debate gets locked

    Forums are absolutely screwed

    Lock please. We’ve seen this list 50x over
  6. For basically 5-6years
  7. Hello. Mind explaining why this should be locked? It is a flawless list of how to make kaw great again.
  8. Thanks. Fixed.
  9. Some sort of way to reel in new players would be nice.
  10. This is the way to do that. Nobody wants to play a game that is literally impossible to compete in without spending half of your monthly salary.
  11. Support. I’ve had the same experience, yet these crap threads are allowed to continue even though they’ve been reiterated time and time again.

    Sorry OP, but it’s not complicated to point out the obvious and put it into list form, you could have even done a list BB code to make it look better or shown effort. These repeated ideas are just that. Nothing special and nothing worth noting. You are correct though that you have to compete in a game where you have to spend money to advance. That should change, but more detailed information should be given.
  12. Lack of effort/low content value, lock pls.
  13. More content/ideas than every other thread currently active. Effort is subjective, you have no way of knowing how much effort went into something.
  14. Hello. The problem is this clearly isnt obvious. These are the problems with kaw and ATA doesnt take action. BB codes do not make a good thread, in fact they make threads look childish and stupid. Pretty colours, no content. Repeated ideas? Not a single thing here is repeated. Nothing special/worth noting? Well, only a fix to every problem in kaw. No biggie. There is no need to clutter the forums with extensive arguing about small, irrelevant things when you could literally fix the game by changing 15 or so things.
  15. Every problem KaW has, including all the ones in your list, have had some sort of suggestion to fix them. By many players. You just chose to put these problems and ideas into a list, which, isn’t quite a list because it’s not even numbered or bulleted. It’s a low-effort thread that should be locked. Several players have told you that already.
  16. Suggesting some spaces will help make it alittle easier to read! I didnt realize at first this was 3 different list!
  17. There is absolutely zero reason to lock this thread. If it doesnt interest you, go back to making up osw stories and colouring your threads to the point they become unreadable.
  18. There you go.