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  1. All of kaw knows that a 200mil,500mil, 1bil cs difference is a laugh of a match. 200mil you better hope they have 2-3 inactives to plunder, 500mil is lost even if they have 5 inactives, 1bil difference is the "just close your eyes and take it" match. All are complete ridiculous matches. Whatever happened to just saying WELL WE JUST CANT FIND A MATCH FOR YOU???? Not just saying "screw it, match those 2 clans even though the one clan has only a 5% chance of winning just so we can go home early from athinkingdumbape". It's gotten old already, act like you care about the KAWMUNITY
  2. The Title tho, also 1bilcs difference would be impossible, 500-200milcs is impossible. What is the point of this thread...
  3. I'm in a war now with a 200+mil cs difference now, against shc, I'm #6 here, their #15 is my size. Lol. Their #1 is #13 ally lb, he is bigger than our top 5 together. Lol. Yes salty, that is fair
  4. So there's a 10milcs difference between everyone min? Doubt it but to lazy to check
  5. Ally's don't count js but the matches so suck would take a nm every time then mismatch
  6. Your HI/LO cs is 20-125m that could be a reason for creating a mismatch.
  7. You like Myra?
  8. Read sushi's post about training for wars, as a community a big group of us are working together to train new players for war. We want to help revive ee as a community since devs won't help
  9. Try not to use BC warriors if u only have a few, seems like u could match with big roster even when u only cast 1 BC, none BC roster may have better chance to meet other none BC roster, idk but we should try :)
  10. yup. Casting big tops will bring u bigger chance to match full bc roster. But when devs remove "NMF"; why not just cast as big as u can when a 10m cs roster is possible to match up a 1.3b cs roster.
  11. It nerfed TVP clans 
  12. I don't think anyone's worried about people gaming the system for 10-14 mith. We just want wars that can be won with some good team work.
  13. You obviously don't war much and i can tell from your build. I have been in wars were the total cs difference between clans has been 1bil. Primal wars need fixing as this is getting behond a joke now
  14. I am compiling an email to Devs on suggestions on how to improve both the War formats. Primal and Indi. Please send your suggestions to me.

    Nobody wants to play "whack a mole". Closer matched wars are more fun for all concerned.

    There have been some great suggestions from warriors in the past. Let's put these together into one comprehensive document and present it to the Devs for their consideration. This has come from my persistent emailing the Devs. They are now prepared to listen.

    Please send suggestions to me by PM. You may need to wall me to follow you back as things get lost in my news.
  15. You sir are an idiot you should definitely start thinking before you type
  16. Primal is dying, yesterday just 1 match..
  17. It's time to kill off primal. Let the SH scream and moan all they want. Players suck at organizing clans for war. Too concerned about getting the win than having a fun war.
  18. Yes please get rid of primal
  19. Indi is for everyone, this game is for everyone, not only sh can war on indi, round war is fine too
  20. This game is for everyone, individual wars for everyone too, not only for sh️