Fix No Matches - TVP

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Majin_Venom, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Been so long since I did a Low Land War, last time I did it was the same “No Match” yeay started The Vanishing Paladins to find out, it still drops very poor Mith and No Event drops... and to this day is the same sad thing...

    Devs please fix the drops for TVP:

    X3 Mith, add Aqua/Inferno
    Add Event drops

    TVP used to be a big thing back in 2013!
    We need to have more people trying to do Wars not scared them..

    Tip: Lowering Clan roster for these matches might help instead of 15, just make 7vs7 or 11 vs 11, make sure they can finish TVP also not just making EB harder..

    It’s true we cannot fix no matches , if we don’t even have clan participation...

    So mix some Clan Low Lands with some Indi Low Lands**

    Yup Indi Low Lands would be more fair for those who say someone will abuse the system... not blaming anyone because all is fair in love and War!

    Now Devs please give us good war Low Land Types.. also return Advantage KO and Classic to Other war formats...

    Thank you for your time, and until then... keep up the good work
  2. just make wars 1v1
  3. With your build I’d be surprised if you won any
  4. 7v7 and 11v11 lowers the amount of strategy in a war. 15 is fine. Lowest you could possibly go is 13
  5. LOL
  6. Source I war in a lot of 11vs11 (1wc/1Trk Left 9 warriors) those rosters where the best, when they move to the 20vs20 they killed clan wars, then they lower it to 15, but let’s be honest, try filling 15 for war... try it and write your experience here please :)

  7. It works very easily if you arent a tryhard snob unwilling too take single random.
    In 7v7s the top player on one team could keep half the other team in koed with ease. 15/15 is necessary,

    In fact i think it should be 100v 100, or one war with as many spots filled as possible, it shouldnt be the team who has a Wc and tracker that wins every single time . And 100v100 would solve that