FIX necromancer drops for large players

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Erick, May 8, 2017.

  1. If op was complaining about the drop rates from a regular EB then i would agree with the no support players but he isn't,

    anyone that spends RL money should get decent drop rates regardless of size that way its completely fair to the person spending rather than only benefitting a certain build size
  2. If zta and hte description's said more event drops or whatever then cool I'd be fine with your comment as it is though it says more gold. So no. They are paying for the gold.
  3. Yeah I agree with that I just feel people should be allowed to get the most out of there RL money regardless of size
  4. I can hit murderous no pots no mith a only fail like 2-3 times max

  5. To hit diabolical with no fails you need about 1.75 bill pure attack, including bfe and bfa. However, the few corns that do run diabolical require 600mcs or more, and ask that you run xtals.

    Sure, you can get 6k from one eb. However that eb can take 10 hours, and you need 6 xtals. This does not make up for smalls getting bigger drops.
  6. Everyone knows they have the best event drops it doesn't need to say it :lol: