FIX necromancer drops for large players

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Erick, May 8, 2017.

  1. EXACTLY Finally someone understands
  2. Trust me I get it as well I just lmao when I see you big guys on forums crying about getting less drops than small Guy's. When it's the other way around (every event before this one) and you big guys are getting ridiculous drops and the small guys are getting basically nothing. Are you crying for fairness then?
  3. My issue with drops is how little top EB's pay. An extremely active player doing 2 GOTH and 2 LOTL a day would get 4,000 favors for event but only 400 totems for equipment. The player could easily make 40k tier yet the best equipment they could do would be tier 3. Of course it's a great way to push players to pay when they can make that much in 1 diabolical
  4. Agreed, Grizzy! I won't say smalls get nothing, but they get lesser rewards than the large players though!

    Again I repeat, this event is designed to focus on favoring smalls players. NOT the large players. If this was the objective of the devs, I understand! If I were to be a 1bcs player and get so less drops, I would not only live with it but also be in favor of it because I can already imagine I have all the equipments, BFA and buildings that are so OP. Give an OP eq to the smalls? I like it!

    And even if the smalls manage to get the best tier of the sword, I'LL still usually outnumber their army and overpowered them with the combined strength of all my future EQ and BFA(If I am the 1bcs player). And that's another reason why I am in favor of the way the totem drops!

    If I want the best tier of the sword so bad, I can just drop build before going to b2b HTE/ZTA/Necromancer's Pact! But that would cost me a lot more to rebuild later and it wouldn't be a very wise move for me! That's how I can make myself work with the mechanics of the event.
  5. The reason why large players get more items from ebs is because WE GROW, we are rewarded FOR GROWING.
    No being punished for it like this event
  6. @Erick,

    Opinion acknowledged! I have seen your point of view, that large players should get a higher amount of totem drops than it is now! Though I have an entirely different view on this, I wish you good luck if you want to convince the devs to fix the Necromancer's Totem drops! I'll be glad either way! :D
  7. This is my idea to fix another issue lol I just quoted the whole thing so will be things that aren't relevant to this specific issue. You in no way deserve more from an event because you have bigger stats you make enough off of EB's on their own all drops should be even.
  8. Like I said in a previous thread. I'm all for helping smaller players grow and bridging the gap.

    What I'm against is the devs favouring drop build accounts and troll accounts.

    What's the point in taking the time, effort and in most cases money to grow your account when these events and rewards benefit those who decide to stay small or drop their builds?

    On top of that, to do well in this event I would have to leave my home clan to hit a murderous or diabolical just to get decent totem drops.
    How are the devs encouraging clan loyalty with this event?
  9. Sooooo. More totems means better equiptment. In the beginning stages of a persons kaw career they are limited to the epic battles they can hit, and thus limited to the amount of items they can make.
    If the devs give smallers more (totem) items, theoretically this gives them significantly better equiptment, which allows them to hit larger ebs. In turn they recieve more gold per hit, more items per eb, and more gold at the end of the event.
    This makes little guys grow faster.

    And for anyone under 40mcs (probably even more tbh) that isn't a long term player, they don't even have comparable equiptment to others. Whats 200mcs (equip) to someone with over 1.3bil cs equip (spy attack alone)

  10. You could just increase your drop by dropping build
  11. ^ding ding ding
  12. What's the point of complaining about a piece of equipment when we all know it'll be replaced with a stronger one later on in the year...
  13. It's not like they even need it, it's just a case of "lmao look what I have, I bet you don't have one of these"
  14. Actually, ps1 need equipment to hit ebs like diobolical I have to use mith + max pots to be able to hit
  15. Thats a Point but keep in mind that most People cruxed and max xtalt there, too!

    /edit: plus its just on Pay to Win ebs possible anyway to make huge loads of Totems. Totem Drops on lotl/goth are ridiculous!
  16. It's cos ur not big enough lmao. Equip doesn't matter.
  17. 600m cs I'm not big enough? Wut
  18. yeaaa devs what the heck . go help the bigger players
  19. Correct OP your not big enough. You might have 600mcs but only 200k attack? That's why you have to use mith and pots... cuz your build is wrong for what your trying to do or your BFA is weak. You know what I did when I had your attack power and starting hitting ASOF or better? Changed my attack building to OR lands from LL. And poof! Problem solved.

    Edit: @bond__007 yes equipment does matter it adds a static bonus to your attack power. But you shouldn't be saved by bfe. Ps1 is more of a war build it's not intended for diobolical.
  20. A 600mcs build having trouble hitting Diabolical tells me you have some issues with your build. I'm 200k cs and I can hit Murderous. Yes, I fail every now and then if I don't use pots and yes, most of that is thanks to my bfe, but still, a 600mcs build should still have WAY more BFE and BFA than I have, and since Diabolical is only 1.5 times as hard as Murderous as far as I know, you should easily be able to hit it without pots/spells. :roll: