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  1. Ok, so i was gonna introduce the second part of this song/poem first, but the new kitkat update fooled me. To be continued...

    You're like a flower in the Summer Sun,
    So beautiful and vibrant!
    You're cool like hydrants. I come alive when,
    I look at you. So womanly, but girlish.
    I almost forget how evil the world is!

    Haven't seen u smile much, only frowns.
    Relax a little,and let ur hair down.
    So I can see true beauty in motion.
    Girl, the way you move, is kinda like poetry.
    Sexy, with a little bit of swing hips.
    I already know you're an angel!
    But why did you get your wings clipped???

    So u can walk around, tempting the humans?
    Sprinkling magic and shoot us like cupids?
    If that's the case, then u can relax a bit.
    Ur arrow missed, I like you by accident!!
    Not to say, that its not on purpose.
    U made me fly like a circus,
    Even though I was shy and nervous!

    Anyways, this is a poem for things I feel.
    If this don't bring a smile to your lips,

    Then I don't know what will.

    Doesn't get much more effort/thought than this. Js.
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  4. I would like for ppl to read this,KaW. I'm sorry. I created this here.
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  7. I like it. It's good :)
  8. ur a great poet /raper/writer :) friends for life xoxox