First name change free

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Cupcakes, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. It would be nice if you could change your name first time free for those people who don't have much money to spend on in app purchases
  2. Support , maybe a coin that dros from Eb that changes Your name to Elvis
  3. Just like coc does ..wait a minute .. How many downloads does coc have again?
  4. This use to be a feature...
  5. You can grind quests for the nobility if you dont want to spend
  6. Takes way to long :/
  7. Because you know the devs are all about that money bout that money no treble
  8. There was a time you could just reset and pick a new name for free.
  9. You get nobs when you start an new account no? On top of that do what mango said farm quests. It's free!!!
  10. 20 nobs is just $1.98, that is not a lot of money. What do you get for less than $2.00 nowadays?
  11. Cancer. It's free like a name change should be
  12. Hiv is also free, just ask Charlie Sheen
  13. Kids play this game noob
  14. when people say it's just $2 it's really not, most itunes/android gift cards require you to min pay $15 to purchase it.
  15. Any of these kids who play this game also play ps4 or Xbox ? Maybe they buy games for those consoles ?
  16. You need to elaborate, you didn't make any point there. Kids are smart, they know how to get money and iTunes cards. They can get that the same way they get the expensive devices they use to play the game.
  17. If the devs made this possible then everyone would change their name by the the they are 2mil cs then once they perm in a clan and want to have tags they will just want another free name change and will moan about that.
  18. Your first name change is free. When you start playing it asks for your name then changes it, from nothing, to whatever you entered.
  19. Support

    Kids spend very little imo...$2 for a kid is like $200 for an adult when u compare what they earn & most parents don't buy their kids premium content i've found in the few years i've played the majority of hte scammers are kids under 18 who cant afford seals
  20. A Snickers.