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  1. First impressions can be ever so important, from whether or not you'll impress your interviewer and get the job of your dreams to whether or not someone you have a first date with gives you their real number or not, but lets not get off topic here;the question is, what were your first impressions of kaw and how have they changed over the many years kaw has been around?
  2. It was kind of neat when I first saw it, fairly easy to understand and get behind as a game.

    Yknow there was 2 lands,w building that's maxed at 3 upgrades, which was pretty achievable. Also makin it really easy to get into things quickly as well.

    The coolest item you could have was the electric storm bow. Which for me anyway was literally THE THING to strive for and get.

    Wasn't as complicated as it is now thays for sure. Biggest concern for a new player was bouncing from eb to eb getting gear goin and hopin to get enough elements to upgrade it.
    Then complaining like crazy as you tried to upgrade your legs and they reset like 100 times lol.

    With only 2 lands and 3 upgrades per building, catching up wasn't impossible by any means. The benefit back then was you could jump into things pretty quickly.
    With a good clan and a bit of luck you were right on there.

    Which was great yknow, didn't take long get your gear and land sorted. Maybe start warring a bit, doin whatever ya wanted was reasonably achievable for sure.

    I just re downloaded the game 3 days ago, it's way more involved than it used to be that's for sure. There's definately a huge devide in players these days and alot more things happening.

    First impression as a guy commin back these days is definately curious.
    Curious to see the new EB'S, amazed by the CS of the avg account nowadays.
    Overwhelmed by the amount of lands and upgrades to achieve. Realizing land complete, build complete is def a daunting task. Even as a returning player w like 80 lands already.

    But laws always been more don't worry bout what other people got or are doin. Just do what you wanna do, play how ya wanna play, and see what happens.
    Re seeing kaw for the first time is def interesting and I'm curious to see what they got goin on these days.
  3. Cooming over from FC, honestly, my first impression of KaW was pretty disfavourable. FC, with its smaller community, was a place where everyone knew everyone, expectations for stats were realistic, and it was relatively straightforward gameplay.

    Kaw was very different. The stats seemed huge to me (this is back in the day when 2mil cs was a lot), the community seemed huge and chaotic, and I didn't understand any of the eb acronyms or requirements, so I spent a lot of time being rejected from clans. TBH, it was frustrating and isolating.

    This disillusioned me, and I logged out and didnt log back on for a couple of months. I turned back to it shortly after I LCBC in FC, finally found a clan, and had the extra time. That's when I started to play properly, and made some amazing friends who are my constant confidantes today.

    TL DR my love for KaW was a slow burn.
  4. When I first installed KaW, it was very chaotic. I tried to make sense of what I knew so just hit people (not just OSF's as I didn't know what they were at the time) and quests to grow. Always would hire around 50-60 allies very often, but they'd be sold within a few hours lol (mostly cheap allies, but I just wanted to have some, so I kept hiring back)

    FC is the reason I'm here tbh. After trying KaW, it being a bit of a mess to figure out (no clans at the time, and later on, involved clans and PW's, but figuring it out then was another story), I tried FC. For some reason it made more sense, and the costs (despite the lower gold income) seemed more realistic, so I liked that better. After a while, decided to try KaW again, made more sense than before so stuck around to PW's and eventually EBs and till now. Finally met a clan to help me out, but had figured much of it out by that time. Still helped tho (Wicked Intentions)
  5. First impressions of a person is you witnessing a part of a person's personality u probably won't ever see again js
  6. Great idea for a thread.

    My first impressions were highly positive but it must be said that im a bit of a closet fantasy geek.

    It all started going sour after a week or so.

    Little did i know but the first clan who plucked me out of wc were hopeless. No one knew what they were doing. Calydor ebs were regularly failed. It seems silly now but with no-one to guide me i had no idea what was possible. Out of misguided loyalty i stayed for two weeks.

    By then i was close to quitting. I thought i would try wc again to see if this was all kaw had.

    This time i was picked up by someone who was both a really decent guy and also understood kaw. He and his clan mates answered the hundreds of questions that any noob will have. My enjoyment of the game rocketed.

    To give a rough idea, when i joined TGL was a monster eb and the storm bow was the ultimate prize. Jorathe was still a long way away. Quite sure HF didnt exist either.

    I was addicted for a couple of years, slowly growing through the ebs and getting a genuine buzz (sad, i know) when i got that new piece of equip every month or so.

    Now the pace of kaw seems relentless. Im passed the nice buzz of kawcaine, im just a slave to it now. Its now more a mindless grind as equip and events fly by in a meaningless blur. Im still playing and expect to be for a long while, but its been a while since anything really cool has happened.

    I cant shake the desire to tap..tap..tap though! Time to add another 0.001% to my CS!

    Happy Kawing!
  7. First joined and was called to a clan that had some wonderful people in it.
    Still friends with most of them today.

    Attacked a player that attacked a friend and got my ass handed to me for the next eleven days.
    Literally totally pinned.
    And it was the best.
    I could have quit in frustration.
    But instead I realised the fun in the game. The constant relentless play back then.

    Friendships formed with new people I met through pvp, clans changed and my home clan changed just 4 times.

    It's the people that make this game so worthwhile. And honestly if it hadn't been for the willingness of others to help teach me the game. To take in a total noob and try and point me In The right direction, I would never have stayed without them. And glad I did. Despite the changes.
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  12. My first impressions are foggy. I know I was 17,had just gotten the ipod 4th Gen, so I was excited. I remember getting my first volley from QueenVashti. I found my way to ally chat and started talking to her.
    At one point I clicked her name and saw her stats. She was halfway done converting her ll to t4. Back in those days, ll was it. There was no hl. And they were expensive.
    At some point I ended up in war nerve, but if I had to say what my impression was, right away it felt like friendship. Without the social aspect this game offers, no one would be playing right now.