First Annual aKAWdemy Awards

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  1. This is fake news damn democrats. Failing kaw news. We have the largest crowd at iG in history?
  2. They must be undercover, Leo


  3. I would like to nominate NWO_DragonKiller_NWO for being the most quoted forummer of 2016. Hes been quoted well over a 100 times thats epic


  4. You cant get rid of me

  5. Team Aella rules all
  6. Todd is apoc now lol
  7. This theory may be directly influenced by the recent release of Split but I do believe Kasama, pipe, Roni and Lili are all the same person who goes through cycles of managing the condition or having flare ups. They all come out of the woodwork to do battle simultaneously after a few weeks
  8. Best post of 2017
  9. Hi guys.

    I'm mega zord, the amalgomation Roni, Lili, Pipe and Lasagna here.

    I'd like to say.

    My Roni persona, the one where I am nonsensical and have a strange love for pipebomb. I'd like to say Lili is a stinkey noob.
  10. omg look who resurfaced... "The Walking Ded" award goes to Todd

  11. @lili ...R u saying i have some sort of virus?

    right when u think youve gotten rid of me ill flare up again. Im the itch that never goes away.

    -Herpules 
  12. "Arrow to the Knee" award goes to Angel in high heels for missile to her head story

  13. I'm pretty sure I'm the best in all categories. This was influenced by the Russians and therefore #notmyelection
  14. Bump cus I loled
  15. No support cause I'm not in it
  16. Best in butthurt category? Nominees?
  17. I nominate myself. I'm super butthurt due to me not being in this thread.
  18. No support