First Annual aKAWdemy Awards

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  1. First Annual aKAWdemy Awards

    collaboration of Ashes and Lili

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first annual aKAWdemy awards.The academy of forumers have voted on some of the best performances on KaW (and third party chat rooms) in the past year. And the results are in!

    Category "Best OSW Legend" Roni

    Joke, joke. Roni is fierce.

    Category "Best Kaw Romance": Onesy and Bunny

    Category "Best Kaw Bromance": NAHM and Musang

    Category "Best Retirement": Wattz

    Category "Best Disappearing Act": ATA_Charlie

    "Best OSW runner": Snoopy

    "Best Attempt at Glory Days": Foxes

    "Best Trash Talking Clan": KiP

    "Best Acting by a Foreign Actress": Lady Ash throwing tantrum on a third party chat app

    "Best Clan to Blow Ur Allowance Money": Sucker Punch

    "Best Trigger Happy Mod": Mei

    "Best Mod Applicant": Chubby Chaser

    "Best Kaw Divorce": Zaft and Fury

    "Best Use of 120 Clan Slots to Fight OSW": iG

    "Best Feature by ATA": Lucky Fortune Key

    "Best Turn Coat": Groos

    "Out With a Bang": Moose

    "Most Likely To Never Leave Mom's Basement": -IMF-

    "Best Commercial Spokesperson": Aella for Preparation H

    And now a moment of silence for the fallen kawers...

    "In Memorium": Mare, Omar, AJ, Moose, Todd

    idea credit:Crimsy

  2. Best act of pretending to care by giving you a ticket: ATA Hotline
  3. ATA hotline ticket :lol: :lol:
  4. What a scrollfest.
  5. I am sure Aella can give u discount on Preparation H, Kasama :roll:
  6. Preparation h-uh?

    Well you should have been better prepared when you accidentally quoted your post.

    El oh el
  7. Like u were prepared for Vanessa? Hook line and sinker?
    El e el
  8. El e el indeed
  9. Too bad theres no "worst of catagory" pretty sure kasama would win nearly all of them
  10. Lili we get it.

    Roni is your domestic partner.
  11. i humbley and gratefully accept my award.Thankyou Lili , another great thread ! You have also found me a new tv show to watch.i never knew about h.b.o girls.

  12. The "Drop it like it's hot" award goes to Team Aella with the machine tag
  13. Reporting to you live from mom's basement, haha 
  14. Greatest irrelevant player- me
    Where's my reward tho
  15. I accept the Best Trash Talking Clan Prize price on behalf of KiP.

    Sorry for not washing away the blood on my helmet - not my blood anyway.

    And last, but not least, we would like to thank Yafi for all the material and inspiration. We couldn't have accomplished this without the lack of you're OSW actions.

    KiP it up ;-)
  16. This thread gets KoT's stamp of approval
  17. Counts for nothing.
  18. There's been a mistake! Category "Trigger Happy Mod" is awarded to Kezzer

  19. Bahaha!  Fight me on a third party app, Kawmmunity! 