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    Tired of constantly asking for a certain rotation in wc? Tired of someone answering in wc but not posting your wall to have a link to follow? Well come post the wall to let folks know what you got going on! Post the wall so folks find it easy! Please limit one ad per event unless you decide to switch up then you'll have to post again! Thank You and Happy KaWing!! :lol:

    DO IT!!!

  2. I don't play it so idk what you refer to sir ^_^
  3. We always do 2x lotl 2x goth for events, plus highest br once a day most days. P2p occasionally, on request of droppers. 300mcs min.
  4. There's already a wall that was used for this...findmyeb.
  5. I've used findmyeb in the past but it hasn't been used in forever. His wall was used for equip ebs back in the day! Support!
  6. Better yet......nobody will post about their Ebs are on mb here. Why ? Wc is faster.

    Boooyaaaaa. Lock
  7. Umm sorry sport I was referring to posting EVENT ROTATION on the wall!! NOT CALLING FOR MB HOPPERS IN FORUMS!! Low effort on the trolling tho btw. Let's read and follow along! ok? boooyyaaaah! :lol:
  8. Goth/lotl rotation 800mc+ sabbys will treat ya right