Final Goodbyes

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  1. wish you the best for the future moon, you'll be missed :eek:
  2. Goodbye, and remember:


    The most legit picture that should help you after you leave KaW :D
  3. Take some Oreos with Moon . I got plenty :)
  4. Moon wanted me to post here so that is what I am doing. I took over her account, she is a close friend of mine in real life, she thanks who replied on this.

  6. Bye moon hopefully RL treats you well ?️
    Have fun in RL
  7. Lmao will people never learn :p
  8. See ya, Moonshine.
    We'll miss you.
  9. Ouch no mention for me 
    Jk was great knowing ya moon!
  10. Some golden bears still survive, g'bye sweet friend, sry to see u go
  11. InB4Parsafan starts to cry. :lol:
  12. Bye felisha!!!
  13. I already trolled this on page one mate.......old news