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  1. Yeah I play console with your mum tho
  2. Mum jokes? C’mon, they’re out now...
  4. 10/10 quality content
  5. Jackson you don’t even wanna know what I do with your sister on PC... 
  6. I’d wreck you with my controller babe
  7. Don't have a sister so that's a W for me noob. Nate 1v1 me on Fortnite and I'll mail you a kebab and some bagels.
  8. Bro 1v1 me and then watch as I kebab ur mom right after I beat you
  9. I'll cheese sandwich you and your mum after I get that ez dub
  10. I’ll mayonnaise your sister after I beat yo scrawny ass
  11. im 6 foot 7 and full of muscle that i'll use to bust ur daughters crayon open
  12. Why would you mess with a kids crayon bro that’s just messed up
  13. Felt tip pens are far better it's their fault for having stupid outdated equipment
  14. That is an excellent point actually
  15. Do you think in countries where lots of people smoke, there's more clouds? In my opinion that's how Mafia works.