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  1. Okay so I was out tn bc it’s a Friday and that’s why I do when I club and my buddy Omar said I have an issue with drinking but I don’t think so I just drink sometimes enlighten to make me super mad like tn and I yelled at them but it’s okay
  2. I also got a win on Apex Legends earlier which was cool and I did some homework but I also had to take an Uber home and she was super hot
  3. H guys guess what I have a kid
  4. Its Saturday
  5. This is the kind of content I’m looking for
  8. I feel like there's a meta here, but I haven't quite worked out what it is yet.
  9. You do have a drinking issue - omar.

    Also first apex win? You suck
  10. Not my first  I’ve got about 25 so far. 11 in the last 2 days which is something considering I’ve spent over half of that time drunk
  11. I can’t tell which you’re more proud of 
  12. Apex is literally the easiest BR ever made. Just cop a shotgun and you've won
  13. You mean a wingman
  14. No the peacekeeper is the best
  15. You are a pleb if you think that
  16. Easy solution and my standard legend and loadout.

    Mirage. Peacekeeper. Wingman.

  17. Mirage is good if you use his ult right
  18. rip jackson
  19. Jackson you play console you can’t even claim to be better than me pleb