Fight Mechanics

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  1. if I'm dtw no spy's troop's how are they still able to steal from me
  2. Bump for Anniea_Tanarii..maybe she will finally learn
  3. Bump for the scout warriors, Please take the time to read this anni u will learn a few things
  4. Bump for cray cray anni again..that poor thing..she did a panic/rage build change after 2.3q strip on her and was a hansel for couple weeks, before another rage build change..but she never learned a thing about its mechsnot that she knows how to play her current build anyway. You're welcome nub
  5. Bump so I can find it again
  6. Its stickied in the guides section since ages. So its easy to find.

    Still one of the most precious guides ever!

    Cheers and Merry Christmas to all!

  7. So glad this is still here. Thanks belle 
  8. There's no haxor build info.
  9. Gold out - Purespy open for attacks, ps are open for steals all the time

    Hansels dtw for atk with gold out and zt
  10. Flight mechanics?
  11. Every build is dtw with zt (except ps ofc)
  12. Tanks not Hybrids with troops 0 gold out r dtw to Hansels.