Few People are blaming me That I'm Farming Them

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  1. I've farmed Icemam21 & nainika, coz they both hit me first. So I hitted them back.

    A player named kav-at-war02 is blaming that I farmed his alt but at that I was sleeping. He also posted to my clan owners wall (philabuster clan's owner name) that I farmed him. He also posted abuse on my wall.

    As I'm perm silence so I'm not able to reply some one.

    So I request to post ur reply here.

  2. Lmao. Looks like your in a sticky situation
  3. Wow.... Stupid...
  4. Perhaps your account has been compromised?
    SS your battle stats when you log off and then compare them to when you log back on to see if your wins increased while offline. If so, contact support.
    Until then, keep hitteding them back. 
  5. No one is supporting me as I'm silence so they are taking benefit of that.
    I'm on a big problem. Can't ask for help.
  6. I need a help.

    Can anyone wall to Philabuster,kav-at-war02, icemam21 & nainika to see my post in forum and make reply here plz.
    I will be very obliged to that person who will help me.

    Plz help me any kind hearted person.
  7. Yeah I'll help.
  8. Zion beat me to it. Hahaha
  9. This comment has……

    no comment
  10. Legacyvwen we farmed u dat was clan farm!
    u got only mine nd iceman21 notifications.
    U were inactive in war dats y we farmed u nd we have no personal differences. U can read ur name on SAIKYOU clan page ur name is dere in farm list. If u want 1vs1 i wont mind. But u dntbknow d reason nd u startd farmng us.
  11. Why bother posting then if you have no comment?
  12. If someone farmed me if farm back. Seems fair enough.

    Also, is it the clan you are currently in that is farming him?
  13. just leave him alone he was inactive during war oh well the war is over now maybe u should recruit better active people
  14. It's a war game farming is just a rule that noobs came up with to stop hitting them
  15. he too knows dat he was inactive in war!
    Dont u legacy????
    Nd even foxy d owner of SAIKYOU will tell u!
  16. I was inactive.

    And nainika you were the single who attacked me non of ur clannies attacked.

    You are thinking that you are too smart but you are a noob, who was trying to prove loyal to clan saikyon but none of them is now protecting u....haha

    Big **** haha
  17. Anyone else feel dumb after reading this?