Fear Poem by:__AppIe__

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  1. Fear,
    The thing that has drove us all here,
    That thing we wish were never near, and yet we live in this world built upon shear...
    A world that when the ground starts to shake your knees start to quake, the reason why most kids these days feel the need to go and get baked
    We wish we could run and hide out of sight, we wish we could find that safe place where we are can escape our plight
    That place where you could neer make a mistake, or ever have the misfortune to partake in
    The four letter word that make us veer along the fine lines of our ever so short lives
    The thing that motivates me to get up and strive everyday as there is no other way
    The thing that gives us a line to cross, to eventually atone for our
    The thing that holds us back, that causes us to look back at the shack that was our comfort
  2. (cont...) ....zone
    The thing we must all get over, but are afraid that we will lose our cover an that we will be smothered by that thing whispering in our ear
    The thing that makes us cower as we stand by and watch it tower, day by day, hour by hour!
    That four letter word destined to draw near
    Is nowhere near now that i have overcome the voices in my ear that once constant nagging feeling known as
    The thing i used to know...
    But no longer resides here...
    Now that i am over
  3. I wrote this poem, i felt like it was fitting.

  5. That was really good !!!
  6.  thank you

  7. Excellent word craft, apple
  8. Thanks guys i appreciate the feedback 

  9. Kewl Apple....A fitting sonnet to life and struggle. Bravo....
  10. It's so true. When we finally find whatever it takes to free ourselves from fear's icy grip, we stand tall. It's as if an actual weight has been dropped away and we wonder why we were afraid in the first place.
  11. Im open to feedback 
  12. Well written. Publish it
  13. Well done. Thank you for guiding me here
  14. I will reserve my thoughts on this poem. For now......
  15. That was really a nice poem :)
  16. Thank you very much!