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  1. Hi Law,
    War here, I am here today to a SK you what your favorite war build is? Please post the build and why.
    Happy Kawing!
  2. Didn't know we were playing Law.
  3. In B4 the 'Guild hansel' responses
  4. Pure spy you have nothing to lose
  5. Pure spy is boring , you have no form of income. Attack build with towers FTW bro.
  6. 150k /8mill / 150k / 4mill
  7. EE = i like mine
    osw = ps
  8. http://forum.kingdomsatwar.com/viewtopic.php?f=11

    Wait I though you were Moose's alt?
  9. I like Mine brah
  10. Favorite build to play: towered hansel.

    Favorite build to hit: All of them. ;)
  11. What HoG said.
    I like it too :ugeek:

  12. Vendetta build my main is a smaller version 
  13. •3 vol, 4 changeling, 5 t4 sdt, 18 colony, 19 coe

    Att/Def- 6,081,100

    Spy- 522,220

    Spy def- 1,974,076

    That's a great build for osw in my opinion. Can attack anyone and block most spies. But that's outdated because its only t5. In waiting for t6 l3 to recalculate my future build.

    But I suppose ur askin about ee....ee build would be mostly towers. I don't like the turtle builds or towers builds much because try can barely attack anyone with small att stats. So about 1 mill adt and 3 mill sdt. Which (I'm not sure. Haven't calculated) will leave u with about 5 or 6 mill att (speaking t6) and about 500 k spy att. So estimated 6mill/7mill att 500k/3.5mill spies as ur stats. U can actually attack people and they'll have to hit u much more to get ur troops lower
  14. has much as i would like to say hansel………
    but atk build with silly ssd is way to go i thinks.
  15. The build i like seeing the most are the meat shield builds.
  16. I love my build
  17. I like the meat shield or haxor build.