Favorite Ways To Lose EE Wars

Discussion in 'Wars' started by ISI-IOI-IRI-IAI, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. 10. Beer
    (Same way many Osw start...)
  2. 6, without a doubt. Screaming "sko noobs!", yelling out targets after wc or tracker just called them, score updates, asking "can i xtal? When we gonna xtal? We better xtal soon"...cc clutter like that makes me want to go through the screen and hurt people after a while lol
  3. I will vote for 4.
    Warriors without xtals who want the rest burn for him.
  4. #3 for sure
  5. 6 all the way. Wish people would learn to just shut up and listen to WC
  6. Forgetting to cast in time before my EE runs out.
  7. Open ps /mole on your team. Caused my last loss before season:( but hey, that's why ya farm ee tools!
  8. Sometimes in a war it's all of them
  9. 6 without a doubt! Experienced that just today
  10. 9. Your Noob wc vs their experienced 5yr vet expert osw'er and pvper wc who knows mechanics and other things!
  11. 10) All of the above