Favorite Ways To Lose EE Wars

Discussion in 'Wars' started by ISI-IOI-IRI-IAI, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. 10. Having a WC who does his brief in mexican, or any people on your team who don't speak English
  2. Ignorance
  3. Nah, you can't. So-called "Valiant Knight."
    Yeah, right.

  4. I'd vote but I haven't lost in a while. 
  5. A combination of 1 trough 9, twice a day.
  6. 9 it just causes pure chaos and it's frustrating as hell but sometimes pure hilarity.
  7. 10. People who war regularly yet even with all their "experience", miss their xtal call or their team xtal
  8. 10: People who cant sko!!!!
  9. Noob
  10. I'm all for personal attacks so here it is, u dumb pineapple
  11. They were there. Where we're you?

    #SaveGroos #BeGroosStrong 
  12. This.

    Attack builds trying out ee w. No towers because of that 300 bread thingys per win. Hansels can kinda get anyway without towers only because they can potentially assasn tanks down. Attack builds can only plunder, hope they can sko and hope that no one sits on them for repins.

    Of course they are some ppl that have a fast net and can sko easy but more often than not, an attack build will just get spam assasn till he/she ko
  13. Lmao same here
  14. I vote 4. It irks me when people don't xtal. :/
  15. I will vote for 4.