Favorite video game character

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  1. Garrus Vakarian.
  2. Trevor Phillips from gta v
    Huang Lee from gta Chinatown wars
    Deadpool from deadpool the game
  3. Zack Fair from Crisis Core
  4. That's a hard question, though I think it has to be GLaDOS.
    Her character and dialogue made Portal into the amazing game it was.
  5. Paul -Tekken
    Why -He has one of the deadliest finisher move in that game
  6. Ryu Street fighter
  7. As many have noted, this is a tricky question. For me, however, it's probably Sargent Johnson from Halo, and specifically Halo 2. In the first game he's pretty much your average marine sargent. Yells a lot, ooh rah, all of that. Then in 2 he's the same thing, with th3 addition of being invincible, having a bunch of phenomenal one liners, and saving your ass on multiple occasions. Then in 3 he matures a bit, comes in for even more clutch plays, and continues to be an all around bad ass until the very end. Gotta love him.
  8. Leisure Suit Larry FTW, drops mic
  9. Conquer,From Conquers Bad Fur Day 
  10. Persona 3 and 4 had such an incredible cast. Can't wait to fall in love with characters from Persona 5.
  11. Love konker, did you ever play the remaster/remake
  12. Chloe from Life is Strange
  13. Man I loved this game. Good story.
  14. .I can't lie I cried muktiple times