Favorite video game character

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  1. I'd go with Spartan John 117 - Master Chief too. The character is one of the most determined & memorable heroes I can think of in a video game & the halo series is one of my all time favourites.
  2. The Koopa Troop because I like turtles.
  3. OG Loc-GTA San Andreas
  4. I'm gonna go out there and say, Dom, from the Gears of War series. I loved them growing up, and Dom was one of my favorite characters in any game. May not be my favorite now, but its pretty hard choosing a favorite.

    So yea,
  5. My friend and I used to play GoW splitscreen back in the day. I was always bottom (screen) in that relationship.

    RIP Dom.
  6. The bird from flappy bird
  7. Limited 98 overall mike Vick madden ultimate team 17
  8. Cayde - destiny 
  9. Welcome to the forums lol , ty for contributing and tbh i have no idea who this is
  10. All good posts , especially gow i love the orignal trliogy not much a fan of judgement and 4
  11. Skinnybot rig (Synaptic) , InfiniteWarfare.
  12. The lone wonderer
  13. Duke Nukem "I'll rip off your head and s.... down your neck"
  14. Nito the GraveLord: dark souls 1

    Why? What's more savage than a giant creature thats the representation of death and disease, composed entirely of human skeletons and welding a massive scythe? Nothing.
  15. Isis looking guy
  16. From persona. I like your style caster.
  17. Dante from Devil May Cry maybe.

    Leon K from Resident evil probably

    Possibly Ezio Auditore

    Video game characters are pretty meh