Favorite video game character

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  1. As the title states who is your favorite character from any video game and why they are your favorite

    Lu Bu -dynasty warrior series

    Why- he doesn't have to much of a dynamic story line but hes op as hell and the voice actors are funny imo
  2. Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank

    He a straight savage
  3. Stranger from strangers wrath

    He was straight up boss plus I like the weapon and ammo you could use
  4. Roadhog or Mei.

    If you know who they are, you're the OGÓź†
  5. Not really. Anyone who doesn't know those names is living under a rock.

    I'd have to say Lloyd Irving, a name most of you won't know, but the few that do will know why.
  6. John-117 "Master Chief"

    He's badass, and I grew up playing Halo, I have some great memories on those games with my fiends
  7. The character I created in Conan exiles. Full nudity and the boob physics is fun. Just stand in a spot and jump up and down all day.
  8. Fat
  9. Miranda from Mass Effect

    Because well.. That mass effect.
  10. Bowser

    He's always taking mario's gurl
  11. Samus Aran. For reasons.
    Princess Rosalina. For reasons.
    Princess Zelda. For reasons.
    Link. For reasons.

    And Bass from the Megaman NT series cause he's pretty badass.
  12. favorite video game character = the pixel from asteroids

  13. Lol nice
  14. Spartan John 117 - Petty Officer Master Chief.

    Why - because underneath all the kidnapping and conditioning he is more than just a military machine, he is a good man. And also built like a tank, literally. Such a great character!
  15. I like Regret from the Zenonia mobile games. I just liked him he was motivated and followed his path didnt have an amazing but I prob identified with him when I played the first three.

    Also Jinx. The psychotic girls get me everytime
  16. Erik the Slayer from Rorikstead in Skyrim. He was created in memoriam of an avid Oblivion fan or something.

    I'd marry him, but a bug makes that impossible.
  17. Link - Zelda
    Kirito - SAO
  18. I'm gonna be a total weeb and say Chie Satonaka!