Favorite Movies!!!

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  1. Boondock Saints
    Shawshank Redemption
    Count of Monte Cristo
    Final Fantasy Advent Children
    Jurassic Park
  2. RAD
    Somekind of Wonderful
    The Last Starfighter
    Top Gun
  3. Fast and furious (all)
    how to train your dragon (both)
    Big hero 6
    Transformers (all)
    Now you see me
    Despicable me

    lots more
  4. Too many. Time bandits. Life of Brian. Blues brothers. Ghostbusters. The jerk. The outlaw josey Wales. Raising Arizona ...etc, etc, et al.
  5. Naked gun, Austin powers, the man who would be king, north by Northwest, how the west was won
  6. Lotr all 6, star wars all six, underworld all 4, catch me if u can, titanic, harry met sally, django unchained, gangs of wasseypur(epic), saw etc etc
  7. Only 3 LoTR and only 3 star wars movies worth mentioning.
  8. Give this man an oscar.
  9. Guy Pearce needs more movies out. He was the outstanding preformance in The Count of Monte Cristo.
  10. Bill and Teds excellent adventure and bogus journey. The jerk. Super bad. Hostel. The simarillion once they just give the Tolkien foundation the 100 mil they owe them and pester PJ to kick his shoes off and hobbit around the set saying shot looks good. Action!
  11. Here's my top 5

    Romancing the Bone
    Clîtty Clîtty Gáng Bang
    Crotchodile Blondie
  12. Videodrome
  13. Top 5

    American History X
    Full Metal Jacket
    My Best friends Girl
  14. The spongebob squarpants movie (just kidding...Maybe)

    V for vendetta
    The third hobbit movie
  15. Airplane
    The Never Ending Story
    The Spongebob Squarepants Movie :)
    The LEGO Movie
  16. By far the best movie is full metal jacket
  17. Tie between the Warriors and revenge of the nerds
  18. Lone Survivor

    Captain Philips

    The Dark Knight (and TDK Rises)