Favorite Change?

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  1. Recently there has been a lot of negativity towards changes in the game. People seem to forget about the good changes which are sadly being overshadowed by hate for the bad ones.

    My question for the community is this.

    What is your favorite change made by the dev team in 2016 so far?
  2. Were there any good changes?
  3. I like the events, some dont but it keeps me interested and gives me a goal. Love indi wars to.
  4. I actually haven't noticed any good changes. Can you please point out a few?

    I also don't know of any recent changes that are bad. I guess I'm out of loop.
  5. consistent events- while some people dislike them, I think it helps encourage growth and activity. The constant new equipment also is great for new players to get on track with bfe. Devs diversified the ways you can participate in the events (war, pvp, along with ebs of course).

    I mean, why not provide back to back events? The devs are satisfied because they get their money, and we get our inferno, Aqua, new OP equipment, silver bars for growth, mithiril, etc.

    win-win situation.
  6. My alts can do one pvp and get 2k items/2k silver bars
  7. It has to be your gigantic name whenever someone is OP and has the All-Star War tag.
  9. Best change in a long time in 2k items gets 2k silver bars, soooo easy to grow as a small now. Great job devs
  11. new dev presence in forums shows they're trying to do something ...whether you see it as an honest effort to improve or just pandering at least they're talking to us (or some of us rather lol)

    ...brass knuckles please 
  12. There have been a cpl changes that have worked out ok but overall i can't really see any changes having had a good effect.
  13. Probably this.
  14. I don't agree with onesy often, but yea this is the best change.
  15. I agree with this
  16. Ata (somewhat) talking to the community.

    Also, I like not having to hit 5k items for a little money, I just have to get 2k and get like 2-3 times as much money as I used to :lol:
  17. I liked having ZTA...
  18. Tree fiddy..