Favorite Band Or Style Of Music

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  1. For Example, I am into folk metal or anything within Metal.
  2. This will be abruptly locked. Also, another thread is like this. Post there.

    You remind me of myself when I first discovered forums.
  3. He reminds me of how you are now :lol:
  4. Not even remotely.
  5. Debatable
  6. Favorite style of listening,
    I dont think ive ever really been a genre specific listener. If a song is good, its good. Blues/rock, neo classical, classical, metal, hip-hop...

    There are types of music i like to play though. I like playing the blues the most.

    Its one of those styles that you dont have to be great to jam with other people. Almost everyone knows the blues, some just dont realise they do. For the beginner to jimmy page, could jam together.

    Second is classical. Beautiful, intelligent, and ranges of difficulties.
    Its crazy how many great pieces you find that you never new of.
  7. Shinedown
  8. Marching band
  9. Rap:
    Chief keef
    Mac miller
    Joey badass
    The underachievers
    Super slackers
    Kirk knight
  10. Yes sir , I ruled the drum line 

    Now for a real list ....
  11. No real list without:
    Guns N Roses
    Eric Clapton
    Avenged Sevenfold
    Maybe - Velvet Revolver and Seventh Wonder
    btw ---- Great touch with Maiden
  12. Jim Bunga. New artist. If you haven't heard of him yet definitely check him out. He just released an EP
  13. I can go with anything except country
    Tech 9
    Paul oakenfold
    In this moment
    Ac dc
    Cradle of filth
    With eagles being my fav
    I find it will depend on mood
  14. True. :lol:
  15. I have a very eclectic taste in music. It ranges from Janice Joplin to Lamb of God. It depends on what I'm in the mood to listen too at the time.

    My absolute favorite band is Iron Maiden then Dio a close second.
  16. Haha iron maiden is the fave in this thread
  17. 2 words... DJANGO REINHARDT
  18. You still playin' the Oboe on Fridays.
  19. Led Zeppelin