Favorite anime ever: POLL

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  1. This goes out to the millennial liberals who still live in their parents' house, supported Bernie, neglected to vote because both Trump and Clinton were terrible, and hate everyone who seems to have loads of money.

    What is your favorite anime?

    Examples: Onepunch-Man, One Piece, Naruto, Boruto, Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Soma, Gantz, Fairy Tail, Blue Exorcist, GATE, Bleach, Death Note, Magi, Prison School, Akame ga Kill, Nanatsu no Taizai, Shokugeki no Soma among others
  2. Dragon Ball Z Abridged
  3. Hellsing ultimate abridged
  4. If someone says Diabolik Lovers, I will flip.
  5. Code geass, bleach, death note, full metal alchemist, Tokyo ghouls
  6. Code Geass.

    Season 3 announced.️
  7. 
  8. One punch mannn
  9. Why does trigun never get any love. This isn't even worthy of the last 10% of my beer and that's basically just backwash
  10. Haikyu!!! or Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars)
  11. Anime is for nerdz
  12. One piece, code geass, akame ga kill, angel beats, assassination classroom.
  13. Funny ppl think gaming & anime are just for nerds who live at home, sit on their asses n don't earn much considering in my country u can't access this stuff without a half-decent job lol...the average gamers & anime watchers here are now 25-35 yr old males who have dispensable income & most have families(a partner & kids) of their own so i don't understand the assumption...back to the question tho my fav anime atm is Attack on Titan.
  14. Did you guys see the uncut ending, if yes what do you think of the explaination. It kinda makes sense. I wonder what 3rd season will be like.
    Could be related to the place they raided, some kid got away or something
  15. Fav anime atm is boku no hero.

    All time fav. I watched million times, and would still rewatch would be lady Georgie. Cause. Yes. Hahaha.