Fatesands Land & Building Costs

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    Can this just be pinned in guides... jesus
  2. Why is the default text color white?....

    Now this whole thread is brokeno_O
  3. troops on eb and spies on eb, but now im lazy and go for troops on hansl and spies on eb! Ikr! Amazing! new moves from pill. Follow for updates or more new strat
  4. Fatesand lands r pretty expensive 98D5DC99-4A78-4A13-B469-4E52A567ACFE.jpeg 98D5DC99-4A78-4A13-B469-4E52A567ACFE.jpeg
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  5. I can't see!!
  6. how many deepmines does it actually take to unlock the fatesands?
  7. 10 deepmine.
  8. I believe it’s 10 deep mine needed to unlock Fates lands.
  9. One year and one day to lc :( if I was paying attention I woulda cashed in a few sb and done it yesterday 😂
  11. Raven blighted artifact ? Hoi can i See it and where i can use IT ??
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  12. Artifacts sometimes drop after hexavia eb ends. It shows in your eb drops in newsfeed, opens itself automatically, and drops fatesands plate shards, which you also see in your newsfeed.
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