Fatesands Land & Building Costs

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  1. Anybody with information on stats of troops defensive building for level 8-10 please let me know. Also lvl 9-10 of balanced and attk build. Need troop numbers and building stat
  2. Y u building defensive buildings
  3. Need it for calculator in Guides
  4. I'm fairly certain all the stats are the same regardless of the building subtype, just moved around a bit depending if attack, balanced or defensive troop building.

    I'd suggest scouting the leaderboard to randomly find these specific stats. That's what I did initially to get the data.
  5. Also, does anyone know the final land cost yet?
  6. Not sure ask around to bigs. Plenty of people have all of them unlocked.
  7. Leaderboards have beefed up their allies, can't get through
  8. like 10 max drop NK's this weekend... 0 shards or plates, anyone else? :(
  9. Does anyone know the sell price of buildings? Like if I a lvl 4 in fatesland how much will I get
  10. Final land is 5.1Q with some decimals after the one
  11. Thank you
  12. Check out my build calc in guides.
  13. Nah brudda i'm joking
  14. all these bad b's stay preeing
  15. Cah I stepped in looking all frozen
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    Thanks for this!
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