Fatesands Land & Building Costs

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  1. Yes from HTE
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    Highlands artifact : 10;10;10
    Hoarfroast artifact : 12;12
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    Bumping to the top of active topics
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    Good job on this thread. I rarely get artifacts or crests from noth/goth. But those of you that do get a lot, congrats.
  5. Where do I get the fatesands crest plate shards?
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  7. Please lock this is considered necro bumping
  8. Don't lock, I use it often to check what to use tokens on
  9. Gr8 b8 m8. Thanks for bump though
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    Plates drop rate had been reduced or is it just me? Havent receive any plates past 2-3days
  12. Bad RNG luck. Activity in ebs supposedly helps drop rate. Plates definitely still dropping, usually after a long dry spell I'll get several drops in a row which is nice.
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    Definantly. Whether the devs wanna admit it or not.
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    i did 20+ ZTA yday, only got plates on 5 of them, all of them being 1 plate drops

    EDIT: used total of 24 xtals on all so activity wasnt an issue
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    havent been getting much lately, maybe 2-4 plates every 3 or 4 noth/goth