Fatesands Land & Building Costs

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    Just out of curiosity, how are these unlocked?
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    You mean the new lands? 10 deepmine lands. You'll need to update your app as well if you haven't.
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    You should put the cs given if possible
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    Someine should make a dedicated post for the tokens drop
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    Thrawn has one already and he said he's updating it soon for the new lands.
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    Someone mind explaining what this means to me..?
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    The artifacts randomly drop from different ebs and contain different amount of shards. The artifacts then automatically open giving you a certain amount of fatesands crestplates based on the amount of shards the artifact gave you. I'm not too sure on the conversion stuff though sorry
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    Land 19

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    My bad, 5 shards make one crestplate
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    Land 18: 183,821,338,286,853
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    Fantastic thread
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    16th land is 108T and 17th land is 141T

    Most efficient way to go about is to unlock to 20-21 lands and, in my case, upgrade all spy buildings to lvl5-6, then working from there
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    Do you mean that plates should be used till there then start using gold for upgrades?
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    Use gold for these upgrades, they’re cheaper and give more stat increases per level, use crestplates for the higher lvl lands
  16. Land 14: 64,360,960,150,854
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    So basically at the end of it all, we could just unlock 10 deepmine lands, which is a lot of gold saved up, run b2b servugunti ebs for crest plates while we’re saving gold, so when we get the the new lands mass buy then put level 3-4 buildings on them with the crest plates to put a huge boost on cs stats (and max plunder) so that way deepmine and osman rain will be easier to complete for those of us who haven’t done it yet
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    How about the Haunted Artifact? 3 shards from that.
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    Thanks! Is that the one from hte? Rotwb also drops 3 shards, hmmm