Faster Growing Guide

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    I hope this helps
    Grow Grow Grow

    How to grow faster
    - Paid for ebs
    - Jumping
    - Estoc Edge
    - Completing all Legends
    -Unlock Fatesand
    - Invest Trader Tokens into Fatesand plates.
    - Deepmine all (even) spy builds
    - Pal lands

    Paid for ebs

    Paid for ebs Drop already combined items for legend. These ebs typically also give more money than regular ebs.


    Hopping into clans only on main bar. You join Noth/Goth MB ads in WC. Most clans like full unloads. So if your not full bars when unloading on eb. Xtal up and drop more hits. Try to stick to clans that request your stat range. Example- I'm 3bcs and I join a noth MB 30% 2bcs ad. Typically hopping the lower % MB ad you join the better. The more clan MB ads you hop the more drops for legends.

    Estoc Edge-
    Only received from winning wars.
    You join wars by going to your profile (where you see your Stats) , and joining the scheduled wars within the sign up time. Don't be inactive in wars you can receive a shattered sword - (bans you from wars for so long - up to 2 yrs).
    Always go to Alchemist in market to hide allies. (You will need mythril to do so)
    Wars are different do be aware.

    If you get estoc edge from winning a war and sign up for next war, be aware if you loose you loose the estoc edge.

    If you get estoc edge lvl 3 (win 3 wars) and loose the next war your estoc edge drops too lvl2 estoc edge.

    Estoc edge percentages %
    Lvl1- 25% (win 1 war)
    Lvl2- 35% (win 2 wars)
    Lvl3- 42% (win 3 wars)
    Lvl4- 47% (win 4 wars)
    Lvl5- 50% (win 5 wars)

    Estoc edge % increases the % drop rates of items from ebs for legends which will help complete legends faster.

    Complete all your legends-

    Hop if you need to. The legends help the most out of everything in kaw. You get better equipment/ sometimes better banners/ Trader tokens/ and plates ( LL/ HL/ HF/ OS/ Dm).
    The harder the legends you complete the better stuff you get.
    So complete all legends if you can.

    Unlocking Fatesand lands-
    Invest your trader tokens into deep mine plates.
    1,200 trader tokens for 100 deep mine plates.
    100 deep mine plates for a lvl4 deep mine building.
    Always sell off silver bars in marketplace you get from completing legends. Use the money from silver bars to unlock Deepmine land.
    Never go over lvl4 building upgrade in deep mine. Lvl 4 deepmine can be sold for 13.3t.
    Never build spy defense or defense towers in deep mine. You will loose masive plunder.
    You need 10 lands open DeepMine to unlock Fatesand lands.
    Don't sell lvl4 deep mine builds until your last 2 deep mine lands until Fatesand lands.
    Last two lands cost 48.5t. Sell 4 lvl 4 deep mine for 52t. That will leave you 4 deep mine lvl4 builds for legends.

    Or only use silver bars sold for deep mine lands and keep all lvl4 deep mine builds. Rely on only legends silver bars until you unlock Fatesand lands, then sell a lvl4 dm build to get your first Fatesand land unlocked.

    Invest trader tokens into Fatesand plates-
    If you have Fs lands open invest all trader tokens into Fatesand plates.
    It will take 600 trader tokens for 10 Fatesand plates.
    Lvl1- 6
    Lvl2- 7
    Lvl3- 8
    Lvl4- 11
    Lvl5- 16
    Lvl1 to lvl5 - 48 total

    A lot of people stop at lvl5 and move to the next open fs land because of stat per plate. Its more worth to use your plates on the next land than upgrade to lvl 6 = 26 plates.

    Deepmine all (Even- Goblin Ha') spy buildings-
    Deepmine gives you the most max plunder out of all the lands. So if you go all even spy buildings in deep mine lands. You should see a bigger max plunder. Putting spy defense or defense towers on deep mine will kill your max plunder. It is better to put towers on fs or pal lands as it won't effect as much of max plunder.

    After you unlock pal land-
    Buy your first pal land. If you can, your going put a building on it. You are going to not unlock any more pal lands after that first land. Focus only on deep mine and Fatesand land unlocks. Fatesand and deepmine buildings give more stats. Your only going to keep that one pal building so you can upgrade to lvl8.
    It takes 200 pal plates total to get to lvl 8 pal build.
    Sell lvl 8 pal build for 6.85q

    Use that gold to unlock Fatesand land.

    Increasing Your Plate Chances
    - Jumping - (True)
    - Paid for ebs - (True)
    - Banner - (Unconfirmed)
    - Equipment - (Unconfirmed)

    Hopping MB bars has been proven to be one of the most effective ways on getting fs or pal drops.
    The more ebs you do the more chances at getting plates you get.

    Paid for ebs-
    Paid for ebs is also another really effective way to get plates. The players you see in clans that are doing those back to back paid for ebs are usually huge. And the reason for it being the devs increased the drop chances of fs and pal for paid for ebs.
    If you aren't a pay to play player. You can still get big off jumping and using estoc edge. Don't give up.

    Some people believe the banner that gives you the best overall stats gives you better chances at fs and pal plate drops.
    Attk-5%/Def-5%/Spy-5%/Spy Def-5%

    Tho its not confirmed.

    Some people believe that certain equipment gives better chances at fs and pal drops also.
    Equipping assure shard
    Equipping fod 10% attk and spy sword

    But that isn't confirmed either.

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  2. I've never heard of losing EE at lvl 3 but looks great.
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  3. This is what kaw needs more of, people to help noobs so they don’t get bored and think there is no point even playing as they are so far behind. Great guide, thank you for your time.
  4. U did a good job mate, ty for lookin out for the new ppl that join kaw😎😎🍻🍻
  5. I thought the consensus was that EE does not effect plate drops?
  6. Yes I just fixed sorry bout that :)
  7. Hello, thanks for the guide. For an optimal increase of my plunder what is the best ? :
    •Level up at max a deepmine building.
    •Leveling up many deepmine building at the same level.
  8. Personally I think how a player starts his account from the very beginning dictates how fast they can grow. I developed a system that allowed a new player to have a billion dollar ally before they even build their first building and have enough gold to build enough to hit mid to upper tier ebs. By their second eb the could hit into a Goth/Noth rotation.
  9. Worth pointing out (and this has been well documented in forum posts elsewhere) that ee % bonuses are half of what is advertised…so 12.5% for ee1 and 25% at ee5.

    My unconfirmed take on ee drop bonuses is that they function like legend item drops…you reach a Max drop level faster (I.e. with fewer hits) but once maxed it doesn’t help
  10. Explain?
  11. A main with a bit of gold to spare and volley transfer…a system as old as kaw itself
  12. I'd be glad to explain my method but prefer to keep it out of open forums. No it's not really a volley transfer although a volley is needed.
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  13. For DM, take them to lvl7 then move onto the next
  14. Selling lvl8 pal building gives 6.5q??? Holy smokes. Im debating on doing that now
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  15. Hi is it good to use fs plates on lvl 9,10 or convert it to gold???
  16. depends if you ever want to complete FS or not. Currently, get better stats by converting to gold and adding bfa. But I completed FS to lv10 anyway.
  17. Ice is great. Ty for making this.
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  18. Do even spy buildings give more max plunder than balanced attack buildings?
  19. The highest plunder you can get for a single attack from full is from a defensive troop building. The best way to ensure your last hits pay as much as possible (glitch troops) is by having lots of spy buildings. Overall, all builds that have no towers work really well for ebs and you will make good plunder.
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