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  1. I know kaw is not big on any pvp but earlier when I was pot burning grinch1 with my troops he then bought more adp since he lost most of his. Who banks in def pots? What has happened to a once amazing game? I guess when I left I expected KaW to change but im sorry this is sad. So let this die or whatever I felt like I needed to rant. Trolls are welcome and yes short post farm me!
  2. I would farm you but im waiting for someone to come out of pin
  3. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have good mentors
  4. Or I guess mentors at all and fluffes is that at me?
  5. Idk what issue u have with me but when you get up off the floor from me kickin the crap out of you pm me an tell me ur problem otherwise you are dismissed an bother me no further. Thank you
  6. It's stupid to bank in def pots because people burn them all away
  7. Having def pots is only for noobs 
  8. dont trash talk my clan but u did so I will take the pleasure to make another noob reset
  9. I was in K0M0RA's clan, and I wo
  10. would like to see this man reset.
  11. Don't call me stupid. Your the one who forfeited during the war because you didn't want your ass stripped. Should've manned up, lost like a warrior.
  12. Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahaahhahahahahaahahhahahahahah. But really that EE wars you were in should of stuck it out even though you were clearly outmatched. Fight to the end always earns more respect :)
  13. :lol: banking in defence pots :lol:
  14. listen noob heres a tip for u BANK IN ATTACK POTS AND DONT TALK ON ENEMY WALLLS DONT FORGET IT :mrgreen:
  15. What the heck is the OP talking about??
  16. man... i deleted photobucket ages ago... such a great popcorn.gif i had lined up...

    A la battle... commence!
  17. Are you dunces saying the defense pots are not needed? Goodness me.