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  1. Dragon king you wanna a cookie for being in a Tsg/Ts/ss or whatever. Clan? You making like thats the best thing or something.
  2. No I am just proving my point :)
    I do find it cool I an in it though
    And know it's common :)
  3. No! she thinks my tractor is sexy and if I have to stop farming, I have to sale my tractor and then my sex appeal is gone!

    No support!
  4. I can say sexy but not sex! That's ********!
  5. No ******* way? You can't ******* swear on forums holy **** **** **** ***** soup **** **** **** potato **** **** cut **** shove **** cut **** **** okay?!?!

    :lol: I'm having too much fun...
  6. you cried for 2.5hrs over an account that wasnt even 1m cs?!? wow!

    Let's not farm him until 10m cs this time and see what happens then haha
  7. Go BH! Ppl like that need to stay away from this game. Theres tooooo many of these babies. KaEB? No. It should be a violation of ToU to play that way. That's whole different game.
  8. I agree with Burns. #NoSupportOp
  9. Ya op and while your at it you should get the devs to change the game to Kingdoms At Peace.... Farming is part of this WAR game, and if you were farmed by the whole clan you probably did something you shouldn't. If it hurt your feelings this may not be the game for you...
  10. Support  food is over rated and the work of the devil 
  11. You had better be a troll.
  12. Trolololol
  13. no support
  14. Yay ban farming pleas debs
  15. This is an unreasonable thing to ask, as half the players in the game farm if not more, PvP is a huge aspect of the game you can't just ban farming tons of people would quit
  16. What the hell are you talking about?
  17. Well farming certain things would be ok just no beets