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  1. Found this old jewel recently. Thought id post it for giggles. Lol

    Rabbit on strip tracking

    When tracking a players activity in preparation for a strip there are a few key things you will need to pay attention too. Some things may be more useful then others depending on the target and some may not help at all. So i will go over that which i use and you can use it to your own ability. Multiple tracks should be split between a track partner so when there is a needw you should find someone active that can follow these steps in accordance with your own for redundancy. It may also help to have someone with a different timezone then your own to take over when your unable until you have fully locked in your target.

    Most useful are almost always the targets battle stats and #of quests. (Aka win loss ratio)
    For example, we will say that target has 57,382 wins and 2,567 losses. 1767 quests completed. Target is gaining say 5 wins every 10 minutes and other stats no change. In 1 hour he would have 57,412 wins. A clear sign of activity.... But lets say hes a busy beaver and is unable to log in every 10 minutes. Maybe he's logging in once or twice per hour and your noticing 30 wins an hour give or take. Still active. But a bit harder to follow if your not paying attention say if u checking him every 10 minutes for 50 minutes and you strip right before he checks in. This is why there is usually a 2 hour period of guaranteed inactivity before a strip should be initiated. This also can be carried over to questing. As a lot of hansels will quest rather then battle if they are not in an epic battle and don't want to attack someone they cannot win against. This is why you must track even the quests accomplished. 9/10 if there is no change on any of these you can pretty much be sure they are sleeping or otherwise inactive for whatever reason. A good tracker will do this for anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks to insure that they have the targets activity down packed and certain. As this is critical the higher value the strip. No one wants to strip someone of 100's of billions or into the trillions just for someone to bank it all and laugh.

    Also if the target is steady self pinning on you or another clan member/friend/alt you will need to track his incoming as well as his stats may not be changing if hes fail-bombing someone for 12 hours at a time (not uncommon). This may be done with simple posts to somewhere you can easily access but no one else can see. I will list a few options.... Ally chat, if its never used can be great for this. Your wall, but be weary as that can be monitored. An alts wall. Pm'ing an alt. Pm'ing your track partner. Notepad on idevice or pc. Or even simply a paper notebook. I will leave that choice to you. As far as what to put for that track info you also have a few options. For example - ally chat, xx:05 0/2 inc. xx:10 1/2 inc. xx:15 0/3 inc. and so on... Or if u prefer. Sp/self pin@:05 and so forth.... In tracking ones activity patterns the key is being active yourself. Or having someone that can follow up with your tracks when you cannot. Without actively tracking your target diligently you leave yourself vulnerable to failure and having your target simply bank or upgrade.

    Also it should be noted that a player can easily self pin him or herself on quests they have no chance of winning in an effort to give the illusion that they are inactive yet somehow being pinned by say clan mates or friends. For example. Say im an attack build and i know im going to be strip farmed for whatever reason. And i have been self pinning all my troops on the last level quest even tho i keep failing. This would make it so that i would show no change in my stats to the enemy. Yet also be keeping myself pinned so as to avoid incoming hits. Be weary of this as it could cost you a failed strip thus allowing the player to bank and then go to sleep. As with nothing to lose and already being a clan farm he wouldn't mind being farmed in his sleep...
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