FarmFest 2020: Covid Edition

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    What is FarmFest?

    FarmFest was founded in late 2010 after the NA/Hallow war by the clan Pure Evil and has been held and organised by Pure EViL since then. It is open to anyone and has no affiliation with any alliance or ongoing osw (though we have started a few in the past!) . It's two main purposes are to 1) for you to have fun and 2) to spread chaos across the game, raise awareness about farming and farming clans. Whilst you are competing, you will be able to meet new farmers and establish new connections and relationships. The event is held over 24 hours so work your hardest to collect those precious tears. Farming who ever you want is the main focus though, hit them, collect their tears, move on. Farm, Collect, Repeat.

    How do you play?

    Any player of KaW can enter. Any stats are welcome, A participant will be judged on a point system. A point will be given to a participant for every first-post comment he/she gains from the victim he/she made cry. In other words, when you farm someone and the victim displays this one your wall (most commonly known as nub tears) then the participant will gain a point. PMs WILL COUNT, but must be documented with a screenshot. Any additional comments from your victim WILL NOT BE COUNTED. Your judge may ask you to delete your comments so they may count more. The participant with the most points wins.
    Judges will be:
    Rissa, Belle, LadyDragonfly
    What are the awards?

    There are two awards to be won.

    1. The FarmFest Champion. This champion will be announced publicly and earn their well deserved spot on FarmFest History.
    2. The Big Kahuna award. This award goes to the farmer with the most LB tears on their wall. Once a participant gains their hate mail from their LB victim they MUST INFORM A JUDGE about it. The judge will be to busy counting up FarmFest points to keep up with the LB tears.
    PRIZES: To Be Determined – will include charms and furnishings
    HOW to sign up:

    WALL RISSA in KAW!!!!!
    **Credit to the 2016 FF thread for FAQ verbiage
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  2. Sign up 😏 let’s cause some mayhem on Halloween 😈
  3. No support. Farming is bad EB is good.
  4. I remember the first Farm Fest 👍🏻