FarmFest 2017

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by R0X3Y, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. I haven't got farmed once.
  2. Sorry, we are allergic to orange skin and fox hair.
  3. I am deeply saddened more people didn't visit me.
  4. Liar  Took one bar for you to follow and say you was doing your "own" farmfest.


  5. Ooooo burn!!! RIP. :lol:
  6. Lol that's funny stuff right there
  7. seriously you couldn't bang out a w4nk never mind farm anyone
  8. Lol how time's change and a few months elapsed and LadyAsh has backstabbed resilience and now her old main account has now became a regulators account and is now called iDomBadAss.Evidence of this is seen on page 1. What a betrayel and backstab to resilience who are still in osw against regulator's. It just goes to show nobody is to be trusted !! No wonder ladyTrash isnt back in resilience now with her new account / alt.
  9. Roni still got his nose buried up everyone’s ass? 
  10. Wombraider has got his nose up iG's ass because he has stated he is going to join them in june.