FarmFest 2017

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  1. Bump! Sign up contact a judge.
  2. Shhh. I'm staying low key so no one knows I'm back playing yet. Lol

  3. Need more mangy cats.. please join!
  5. I shouldn't have deleted the wall post before asking this, but I will do so now.

    I'm not participating in FarmFest but I am hitting back at those who hit me. Where do I report a wall post from someone who is in FarmFest but then posts to my wall after I return fire saying "dude, I only hit for Farmfest".

    It seems like that is "farmer tears" and they should lose a heap of FarmFest points for that weak crap.
  6. For one Im not a noob for too I will not be entering.
  7. For "too" you cannot spell 
  8. Roxey has nice teeth.
  9. Any response from FarmFest brass on this?
  10. Well, thanks to farm fest, the 3t I had out for next building upgrade went into allies. Apparently I don't understand max plunder cause my per hit amount went up by 250 mil a hit. Thanks farm fest 2017! lol 
  11. I messaged on day of thread creation for info and got no reply. Wtf OP
  12. I also signed up and got no response. Guess I'll just farm the farmers 
  13. Farming farmers is fun. Especially because they cannot get upset at you for doing it. It would be hypocritical.
  14. Bro. Stop talking to yourself lol
  15. Bunny cries a lot

  16. Precious tears :lol:
  17. No support I got dropped from clan for wanting to just hit hte
  18. Those aren't tears. I was genuinely surprised my per hit went up. And genuinely grateful. I wouldn't have known otherwise. You can call me a noob, nub or nincompoop for not understanding max plunder but don't try to take tears that don't exist. :p
  19. Bunch if non farmin eb fairys hosting this year. Even saw pe running a battle cry good job ruining another kaw tradition 
  20. People still play this game?