FarmFest 2017

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  1. Deadly your acct may not have grown in six years but you'll earn yourself some years that size. Join in? ^.^
  2. Oh come on
  3. Muhahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  4. Told you guys last year.. DONT MENTION THE GOD DAMN TEARS IN THE THREAD.
  5. i already got some tears on my wall. :D
  6. Why can't we just hit ebs,eat veggies, donate to peta,do plain missionary?
  7. Well for one, you would a partner for the latter, something you lack.
  8. Chubby hits on missionaries, eats pita, donate to ebs and do veggies.. just sayin
  9. May the tears of the noobs flow and fill the streets
  10. Was this supposed To be kept secret  Good luck To Alll participants...

  11. HEY! I'll have you know I unlocked a new hoarfrost land the other day!

    That being said if im around id love to participate :)
  12. I think I will 

  13. No it's not. There is ALWAYS a forum post before FF.

    What's kept secret is the date.

    Smh, getting a bit sick of nubs being noobs. Ugh.
  14. Oh boy, another reiteration of a dying player-run event that is based on an outdated pvp system.

    Sounds entertaining.
  15. 70 people already signed up. Sign up guys
  16. you are an allyless pure spy