FarmFest 2017

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  1. If you got excited when you read the thread title then you all know what time it is! Yes folks! It's time for KaWs favourite farming event! FarmFest 2017... ! This will be the Eight FarmFest and we anticipate a huge turnout (again). The seventh FarmFest had over 200 farmers come together and we anticipate a larger number this year! There will be laughing! There will most certainly be tears but most of all there will be fun! Kaw players from all over kaw (and the world) will once again come together to farm, laugh and remember the good years!

    What is FarmFest?

    FarmFest was founded in late 2010 after the NA/Hallow war by the clan Pure Evil and has been held and organised by Pure EViL members for the last 6 years. It's two main purposes are to 1) for you to have fun and 2) to spread chaos across the game, raise awareness about farming and farming clans. Whilst you are competing, you will be able to meet new farmers and establish new connections and relationships. The event is held over 30 hours so work your hardest to collect those precious tears. Farming who ever you want is the main focus though, hit them, collect their tears, move on. Farm, Collect, Repeat.

    Who organises the event?

    The event was created by the clan Pure EViL and is organised by Pure EViL. However ALL FARMING CLANS ARE INVITED to join the administration of the event. This event is much bigger then Pure EViL because it involves any player in Kaw willing to participate. We also ask that any player joining FF must drop their beef with any contestant in the competition so we can just have fun.

    How do you play?

    Any player of KaW can enter. Any stats are welcome, A participant will be judged on a point system. A point will be given to a participant for ever first-post comment he/she gains from the victim he/she made cry. In other words, when you farm someone and the victim displays this one your wall (most commonly known as nub tears) then the participant will gain a point. It is important that you move quickly on to your next WC/BL victim to gain as many tears as you possibly can. Any additional comments from your victim WILL NOT BE COUNTED. Your judge may ask you to delete your comments so they may count more. The participant with the most points wins.

    What are the awards?

    There are two awards to be won.

    1. The FarmFest Champion. This champion will be announced publicly and earn their well deserved spot on FarmFest History.
    2. The Big Kahuna award. This award goes to the farmer with the most LB tears on their wall. Once a participant gains their hate mail from their LB victim they MUST INFORM A JUDGE about it. The judge will be to busy counting up FarmFest points to keep up with the LB tears.

    However... This year we have a little sumthin’ sumthin’ extra to spruce it up and to give you all that satisfaction and noob hungry tears we know you all love and cherish. (Kinda like fawning over Grant in his spandex whilst Bellemorte tickles him with some barbwire)

    Who are we looking for?

    You may register as a participant in the most epic farming event in the history of Kaw (please read the bottom to see how to sign up) by PM'ing a judge. Judges also need to make sure that this event is successful, the more judges there are the easier the counting. Judges have a huge responsibility to make sure FarmFest runs as smooth as ever - any cheating or being bias, will earn the judge a full blown strip farm after the event.

    Farming competition tips

    Although most farmers I know are partial to a spy-build please note that your victims MUST see you in their news feed! So for once de-mith and don't use your pots if your a spy build... You want to get caught hitting up their Newsfeed. NO CHEATING! DO NOT TELL THEM YOU FARMED THEM! they must see it!

    Also, a little tip.. Strip them, then hit them. You'll have tears a plenty

    To join FF you must register with the following players (please follow and message to be instructed to be instructed on what to do next)


    PLEASE NOTE – The date of this event is secret. Gird your loins, hide your allies, pull up your big girl panties and wipe your nose. When the farmer's come a knockin'.... Well. You get the idea.

    P.s yes, yes I did a grant. But not because I’m afoo' but because I most definitely believe In recycling your awesome crap.

    Muchos love,

    The FF team. <3

    EDIT - For anyone wishing to enter FarmFest should clearly know what a nub tear looks like.

    So here's a small collection of tears that have been given to me.. sometimes most unwillingly in the past.

    This one is my all time favourite -

    "Please stop farming me, I am but a lonely little, tutu wearing fairy princess. Oh roxey, queen of kaw"

    And then there's these... These ones are the best.. -

    "Yo fan, watcha hittin me 4, my clan gonna farm you dead mate."

    Oh, and please don't tell me you never seen these ones... -

    "Please stop hitting me, my family are dead now in a fire, I has no money and my dog has no legs. Please stop. I'm crying that much my eyes fell out"

    Now this one is a personal favourite of mine....

    "If you hit me again I'm going to farm you forever, I'm going to hate you and farm you till your face melts. Hit me one more time and I'm getting my LB freinds on you" *then does nothing*

    Hope you get the drift.

    Peace out, Rox. <3
  2. Noob tears
  3. Lots and lots of noob tears ^.^
  4. Looking forward to it. 
  5. #farmthefarmfest
  6. It rubs the Lotion on the Skin or it gets the Hose again!!! #FF17
  7. Thanks for the kick bby
  8. My heart just skipped a beat
  9. Ah sweet! The beagle is coming back for the 5th straight FarmFest. This year I am coming for the ultimate prize! 
  10. Former PE member, in my mind you guys are the best ever. Greatest clan in KAW no doubt. Give em hell for me!
  11. That time of the year gain huh 
  12. I will join too and farm 1 person only..., Prolly 2...., or whole clan
  13. How much points do the nub judges tears give?

  14. Sky, if you can get tears from a judge not only will I assist you in farming them I will also strip farm them and personally give you a gold star
  15. ^So an automatic win?

  16. Loopholes :lol: :lol: :lol: