FarmFest 2016 Results.

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  1. True. Keep it silent and you'll get more tears, most non reactions probably knew it was FF
  2. Idk.. Sometimes.. I like to tell them I'm coming at them..

    It's the reckoning..
  3. That's because Ashes is a baws
  4. Ofcourse.. Ironically as cheese knows.. Most of the time they don't know it's me
  5. The less they know the better..

    Kinda like those lady folk

  6. I know nothing. I'm just a piece of fake cheese. [​IMG]

  7. Dude I walled you twice....

    P.s there is nothing wrong with being a part time farmer. Your more then welcome to join us in PE ️
  8. Foxy knows about being a part-time farmer .. we'll she's in prime evil 
  9. Congratulations to those taking part in Farm Fest. Hopefully everyone had fun.

    I've gone ahead and hooked up the Winner and Big Kahuna with the respective 2016 achievements :)
  10. ATA threeway
  11. Oh Wow.. Very nice badges!!

    The FF winner badge looks like David's hand with the slingshot..

    The Big Kahuna one says "Here Lies Spragga"?..

  12. Those badges do look nice!!

  13. Thanks grant ^.^
  14. Bump for a recap/ tribute to past winners
  15. This is the most stupidest thing someone could come up with. Someone 4 times my size hitting me and stripping me is beyond pathetic. Just another way to show off is all it is.
  16. That's a couple of points
  17. Congratulations winners! And that wall post snoopy, please keep it up because that gave me an honest laugh.
  18. Congratulations all winners, great event lead by great people. Very sorry I didn't have time to join in.