FarmFest 2016 Results.

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  1. come at me
  2. Congrats all! It was an awesome time.
  3. Awesome! Great job everybody!! Farmfest for the win!

  4. Archy, Mr Pure Evil himself. We all love and respect you.. Thank you for creating FarmFest <3
  5. Thanks for the fun, hope to see you all again next year, assuming I don't end up seeing y'all in my news feed before then ;D :lol:
  6. **UPDATE**

    The devs will soon be issuing our FF champ and our Big Kahuna champ with their achievement badges soon ^.^
  7. Nice! Good job, Roxy!
  8. Ur farmer are lame this farmfest are lame cus one of ur farmer farmed by me n he lost 500m lol. I lost 100m only xD
  9. Grats winners sad I only seen 1 person in my news.
  10. Yama - I don't have translate in forums like on FB...... Engrish please️
  11. Yea it was funny. Thanks admin for organisation. And nice returnt fire '-) .
  12. Oh and here i thought kaw was eb fairy land. So there's actual pvp here or naaah?!
  13. I appreciate the player hosted events. Thanks to all who helped and those who participated as well.....1 question. What exactly is a suck carrot? I would like to buy one for my wife.
  14. Gratz to FF winners. was a good show. my only idea is to possibly do background checks on who you're letting participate in it. certain ones need to learn mechanics better lmao I was very disappointed in my farmers. I would have proudly posted to a wall if it was worth it but none the less I enjoyed watching the noob tears flow! Until next time happy kawing! 
  15. All I'm gonna say is  gets a bigger joke by the year, winner is a clown 
  16. hugs and kisses lol
  17. Only one thing you'll get to hug and kiss, problem is I'd rather spend my money elsewhere lol, still plenty more fish in the sea 
  18. The winner is amazing, I've gained a lot of respect for Aella's overall awesomeness. ️
  19. Congrats to the winners. Glad to see FarmFest is still a thing. 
  20. Dude... I miss this every year. What a bummer. I have a grand total of 0 points

    I guess I just keep farming.