Farmers Journey Part 5 Equipment

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by FrostyAusti, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. A sword who protects its owner, is more valuable to your life than a sword who is only desire is to kill. Because eventually, it'll kill you and you will be defenseless...
  2. No support. You're complaining about free stuff. Shut up and play.
  3. Dude why do you care it's an event that the devs don't even have to do lol when I first started none of these events where around but now that devs are giving away free stuff and mixing it up people are finding ways to whine about it
  4. Firstly i am not whining just an idea. No need to be moody about it. Secondly the events they did like feather event or egg one were better. Why dont they bring those back. Just an idea dont need to moan at me
  5. You arnt one of them. But you are a eb fairy.
  6. Aren't you one? Lol. Everyone is.
  7. Personally I think they should have done it the same way they did s5 equip, but idrc.
  8. How much drop if u win iw war ?
  9. Lol 50. Such bull.