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  1. Farm

    So here I am, another day on the farm. Farming it up, then a strange fellow walks up to the ol' manor, with this deceased looking cow.

    She's a bit of a heffer but she's still chuggen along. A real chungus you could say.

    Anyway, I gather my wits and shout "Wat'er u got ther"

    Guy replies "This'y 'ere is a chungus breed"

    I take a bit o' a closer gander and realise she's got that mad cow disease

    Guy interrupts my inspection and offers to sell 'er, I ofc ask how much?

    Receive response 300 but my haggling skill brings him down to 250. So instead of talk, I use my farming skill which brings him down to FREE

    The cow has been in my care for about 5 weeks now and she's rotting bad. A real putrid strench. But I suppose this is the price you gotta pay.

    After all, why buy the milk when you can get the cow for free?

  2. Sooooooooooooo your giving away a cow? I’m confused by this thread.
  3. Boy howdy there neighbor! Ah sees you gotchurself a mighty fine creature there. Whew! Magnificent beast if ah ever saw one.
  5. lol screw u
  6. Great thread. Super funny and entertaining. Another top notch win from Kath
  8. These thred should b lacked. No efort.
  9. More effort than you put into your post, evidently.

    Lighten up partner! Have a beer an' listen to the cows a-mooin'. Cowpoke like yerself oughta live a little, aint that right my buckeroos?
  10. So u farm somebody till u got a milk-less cow for free? And we all should know this why?
  11. Hello Kasama buddy,welcome back :)
  12. my naem is j0ff
  13. My friends reaction when i drunk hookup.
  14. Easy there, speak of the devil & they sha'll appear... Don't need my baby mama playing this game now XD
  15. bro y u still do this
  16. he said chungus LOL
  17. that your mom??
  18. ...your mom's name is chungus??