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  1. This is where you can have any creature. As long as you don't god mod(ask if you don't know what god mod is)
    Have fun and anyone can join.

    Echo:she is a raven and blue bird/human hybrid.
    She has Long neon blue hair. Her eyes are pitch black. She has long black wings. Her skin is pale white.
    She is generally a nice and shy 18 year old girl. If you stay on her good side she can be more open to you. If you get on her bad side she will attack.
    When she gets mad her eyes turn red and all of her senses are heightened giving her an advantage. But when she is like this, she gets tired easily and if she uses to much energy she might pass out.
    She fights fist to fist but does have a saw like sword.
  2. I'll start.

    Echo sat on a tree branch her wings tucked in. She scanned the forest around her. She looked tense, ready to defend her self.
  3. Name: Kaja
    Kaja is a wulver, a humanoid wolf that can stand on his hind legs, think werewolf. Kaja is not a shapeshifter and thus is incapable of transforming into a human. Kaja is well known to the hunters that frequent the area, and he often spends days and nights with said hunters, keeping them company and helping then track prey. He has a pleasant outlook on life, eager to give aid to those who need it, although, given his terrifying looks he is no stranger to having to fight for life, which he does so with terrifying finesse. Making use of his sharp claws and teeth, coupled with his powerful hind legs which allow him to leap short distances with great speed to tear through opponents flesh like paper.
  4. Kaja stealthily lurks along the floor of the forest, his dark fur blending perfectly with the shadows cast by the tall trees surrounding him. His nose twitches, taking in all the scents getting blown towards him on the gentle breeze and he raises up onto his hind legs, allowing the breeze to rustle the soft fur along his underside.

    He parts his jaws and lets out a soft sigh, a human action that he'd picked up from the hunters, when he asked the hunters why they did it they would normally respond with something along the lines of "I miss my family", and so when Kaja felt the pit of loneliness open up in him, he would follow suit and sigh.

    Suddenly, every muscle in Kaja's body freezes, for a foreign scent had just entered his senses, something unusual, a mixture of both human and avian, what was it. Thoughts whir through his head and retreats further into the shadows, his eyes darting upwind to try catch sight of the owner of this strange smell.

    There, up in a tree, he catches sight of blue plummage, his eyes focus on the bright colour and it soon becomes evident that it is indeed a strange mixture of human and bird, he decides to wait in the shadows, not knowing the intentions of this strange beast.
  5. Hi guys can I join
  6. And then a flying spider monkey killed them all in the name of God, Cthulhu.
  7. An then they moved to PIMD and they all lived happily ever after, the end.
  8. Interesting...slow beginning, but a great ending Ashton, and I loved the spider monkey part, did not see that coming
  9. Rp isn't coming to Kaw right!? What's up with that lol
  10. I would not be so sure of that
  11. I would not be so sure of that
  12. I Think Suzanne ans Ciel are from Pimd and they're here for revenge, for that time or times some kawers went crusade mode on pimd.

    Of course i could be completely wrong.
  13. Revenge RP? Damn... Anyone else got theories too? Who are these people and what is their intention. Discuss. Oh and as I told ImmortalFaze, I'll be the pink unicorn traffic cone 
  14. no I want u to be the bagel
  15. *insert 10 bagels emoji here*
  16. Potato Bagel?¿? Fascinating...;-)